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epics_logoEnviro Protection Industries Company, Inc. (EPIC), maker of an expanding line of America’s Finest™ repellents has become the nation’s premier natural, organic repellent company. EPIC’s knowledge of ecology, animal behavior, and the mechanisms of natural repellent substances is unequaled.

America’s Finest™ products began with the popular Deer Scram deer and rabbit repellent. Deer Scram was developed by one of EPIC’s founders who is a farmer, gardener, landscaper, outdoorsman, and avid hunter. Living in an area of the country that is legendary for its dense deer population, he had constant trouble with deer browsing that would decimate his shrubbery, flowers and vegetable garden. However, he had no intention of yielding his hard work and joy to the intruding animals.

After trying many commercial deer repellent products with little or no success, he began developing his own product for deer control. Utilizing his knowledge of science and agriculture, he focused on the habits, behavior and preferences of deer, while experimenting and testing various organic compounds he believed might deter their desire to even approach his plants. After years of trial and error, he hit on an all-natural, organic formula that met – then exceeded – his expectations.

Ecologically Sound

Creating products that are environmentally friendly has always been a priority of EPIC. All of America’s Finest™ Professional Repellents are fully biodegradable and are completely safe for children, pets and the environment. EPIC selects only the highest grades of active organic by-products, natural oils, herbal components, and unique organic carriers for its ingredients.

America’s Finest™ Granular Repellents are not applied to the leaves or any other part of plants, bushes or trees like spray repellents would be. It is applied to the ground around the foliage and will completely biodegrade over time, causing no harm to the plants, soil or groundwater in the process.

EPIC’s Professional Repellents are exempt from EPA registration under Section 25(b) of FIFRA. This means that the ingredients used in these products are safe and non-carcinogenic. For more information about this exemption visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency website at

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