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EPIC’s line of Professional Repellents provide professional users with
increased revenues, lower costs, and unparalleled results.

EPIC is committed to excellence in the making of our product, and committed to supporting companies who sell and use our product. Take a look at the reasons why we believe choosing America’s Finest™ Professional Repellents is a wise move for your landscaping, lawn care, pest control, or grounds keeping business.

Build New Services

For the professional landscaper who already provides a service to maintain and beautify your customer’s lawns and gardens, you can increase the value of your services by protecting those gardens, trees, shrubs, and lawns from foraging and burrowing animals. Since you are already there, your customers will find it convenient to pay you for the additional service each time you visit, and will be grateful to be able to do so.

For the pest control operators who are already getting rid of certain pests from their customers’ homes and property, you can add to the number of types of pests you can deter. By adding more types of nuisance animals that you can protect lawns and gardens from, you will increase the number of people needing your services.

America’s Finest™ Granular Repellents work in all climates and temperatures. This allows you to add new programs in the fall, winter and spring.

Your customers will be pleased that you are utilizing a product that is ecologically sound which does not kill the animals and contains only natural ingredients that can be used in organic gardening. Since there are no harmful chemicals, it is a safe product to use around pets and children. The environmentally-safe, fully biodegradable formula leaves no residue and will not add carcinogens to groundwater.

Apply to become a provider of this value-added service now by completing and submitting the online form here.

EPIC Repellent Details

EPIC’s repellents are highly and almost immediately effective. The repelling granules do not harm, poison or kill the target animals. Rather they change the animal’s environment by causing the surroundings to smell bad to them, inspiring fear and/or avoidance.

Deer Scram Professional and Rabbit Scram Professional work by giving the animal the sense that a dead deer or rabbit is on the other side of the repelling barrier, instilling a fear in them, training them not to return to treated areas. Mole Scram Professional works by coating bugs with castor oil causing them to taste bad and irritate the digestive system. Moles will quickly seek areas with more palatable worm and grub populations.

EPIC Professional Granular Repellents are easy to use. There is no mixing or spraying and no expensive equipment or maintenance required. The product is simply sprinkled on the ground using the scoops provided or a low cost spreader. As a bonus to both you and your customer, there is no bad odor during or after application. Since our products do not wash off with rain or irrigation, their effectiveness lasts for 30 to 45 days (and up to 90 days in the winter) before reapplication is necessary.

When you determine the cost of our granules per linear or square foot, a 25 pound bucket will provide more protection at a lower cost to you than other leading brands. EPIC’s professional grade formula is available only to the professional user; landscapers, lawn care professionals, pest control services, golf course managers, grounds keepers, foresters, etc.

To become a provider of America’s Finest™ all-natural, organic, environmentally friendly, professional repellent services, complete and submit the online form by clicking here now.

Developing & Marketing Your Service

EPIC fully supports approved professional users of America’s Finest™ Professional Repellents. When your business is approved, you will receive an account allowing you to log in to the secure side of our site where you will have access to training and promotional material. We can also provide you with free, preprinted promotional materials.

We will help you to promote your new service to existing and new customers by providing tips for selling the deer, rabbit or mole protection program to them. We provide promotional material in the form of flyers, statement stuffers and doorknob hangers. These materials can also be customized with your own name and logo!

Training for your field management and staff is provided at no additional cost to you via training guides and videos. Training in sales, pricing and application of the product are all available to help you maximize the potential of this new service for your company.

With our proven and guaranteed effective product, alongside our sales and application training and support, you can’t go wrong when you choose EPIC Professional Repellents.

To become an approved user, simply click here to fill out and submit the short online form now.

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