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The Backbone of America's Finest™ All-Natural, Granular Animal Repellents

The EPIC Research & Development team’s experience, and our development
of proprietary methods of combining natural substances, sets us apart as the manufacturer of AMERICA'S FINEST™ PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL REPELLENTS.


Developing AMERICA'S FINEST™ PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL REPELLENTS begins with our team understanding how animal behavior engages their ecological environment. Over many years, EPIC has developed proprietary theory that defines animal behavior, points to combinations of natural ingredients that deter animals, and predicts the impact our repellent formulas have upon the animals, people and the environments in which they live.

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Browsing deer quickly damage and destroy valuable gardens, shrubs and trees. A single deer can eat 5 to 10 pounds of vegetation in a single day.                           

EPIC’s R&D team zero-bases each new formula rather than imitate competitors’ ingredients. We start with the study of the target animal -- its biology, habitat, range, diet and behavior -- and how manmade changes to our environment create more habitat to be damaged by these animals.


For example, as residential areas are developed, the "edge habitat" preferred by deer increases. Property owners often use trees and shrubs to define property boundaries. In and around subdivisions, parklands and greenbelts are often defined. Many are developed with dramatic landscapes that contrast
with nearby/adjacent bottomlands. Deer use this edge habitat as a means of protection and refuge, emerging to feed on attractive landscapes only when safe.

Our Method: One -- and Only One! -- Animal Pest at a Time

EPIC's extensive knowledge base predicts many animals’ reactions to a wide range of all-natural, biodegradable substances. Internal study and analysis lead us to develop a theoretical framework that predicts the substances that act effectively, given a particular creature’s biology and behavior. The EPIC R&D team’s experience and resources enable us to select ingredients that are only the highest grades of naturally active by-products, natural oils, herbal components and
unique biodegradable carriers.


No other line of animal repellents deter damaging, foraging animal pests as well as AMERICA'S FINEST™ PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL REPELLENTS.              

Every all-natural,  granular animal repellent developed by EPIC is designed for JUST ONE “target animal” or pest. Combining formulas for more than one animal species dilutes the effectiveness of that repellant upon each animal species. Certainly, all commercially sold repellants work, but many have drawbacks that limit effectiveness in wet weather. Some emit bad smells or require a lot of applications, sometimes with expensive equipment. EPIC can safely say, no other line of animal repellents work as well as all-natural AMERICA'S FINEST™ PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL REPELLENTS as designed for the creature on the label.

The fun begins with testing formula variants. EPIC stages much of its analysis at several locations with appropriate animal populations near our headquarters in Kirkwood, New York. We developed relationships for testing with companies, scientists, universities, professional pest and landscaping firms, as well as interested and dedicated individuals (one of our team members once was among our retail customers!). Test sites are further located across nearly 20 states.

"Our testing procedures establish ... the ingredient blend that works best, the carriers used to manufacture and disperse active ingredients, the best method for application to effectively repel the target animal and how long the repellent will effectively last."

-- Dave Cuddeback, founder EPIC Professional Repellents

EPIC's newly developed ARMADILLO SCRAM PROFESSIONAL armadillo repellent attests to this ethic. Many EPIC
customers in the Southern states need help with armadillos that tear up lawns and gardens. There are no armadillos
even close to our headquarters in New York, and many of our R&D team had never even seen one! 

Still, the EPIC team studied armadillo biology and behavior and applied our materials-predictor theory. We already
had test sites situated in Texas and Florida, run by professionals with many years of trying to deter armadillos. These
professionals repeatedly told us “NOTHING WORKS!” on armadillos. We finalized a test blend that made good sense
and mixed it into a biodegradable, granular carrier. Both professional testing sites reported OUR VERY FIRST FORMULA
WORKED! We tweaked that formula to extend both its effectiveness and how long it lasts, and our testers reported
even better results! ARMADILLO SCRAM PROFESSIONAL now ranks as the finest all-natural, granular, biodegradable
and safe repellent for armadillos when used as directed.

armadilloscram pro2.jpg
all pro products2.png

EPIC soon put similar procedures into the development of CAT REPELLENT PROFESSIONAL last year. Developing all of AMERICA'S FINEST™ PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL REPELLENTS require several tests and variations before the results meet our standards and requirements. And when EPIC released CAT REPELLENT PROFESSIONAL, it was awarded “Best in Show” at the huge National Hardware and Lawn & Garden Show in Las Vegas. Consumer testimonials affirm for well it works.


EPIC’s proven methods and experienced Research & Development team have produced a full line of AMERICA'S FINEST™ PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL REPELLENTS -- all natural, granular, effective and safe for  domestic and wild animals, when used as directed. EPIC’s full line of AMERICA'S FINEST™ PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL REPELLENTS are used by professional landscapers, gardeners and developers across the nation. 

Animal Behavior, Ecology, Safety
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